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Amelia V. Gallucci-Cirio Library Policies: Library Use Policies

All of the library's policies are posted here. Find information about our policies relating to collection development, public access, filming, services and more.

About the Library Use Policies

The Amelia V. Gallucci-Cirio Library is located in the six story multi-use Hammond Hall Building and is intended for the use of Fitchburg State University students, faculty, and staff in accordance with the mission and goals of Fitchburg State University. The Library policies apply to the areas within the Building dedicated to library work.

The policies are for the benefit of everyone. The Library staff requests everyone to respect library patrons and the library environment.

Community patrons are welcome to use some of the services in accordance with the established library policies and guidelines. If patron behavior occurs outside of these guidelines, library personnel have the authorization to contact Campus Police and request the patron be evicted from the Library.

General Use Policies

Cell Phone Policy

Patrons are asked to turn off cell phones, audible pagers and similar devices when entering the Gallucci-Cirio Library. Patrons are asked to set cell phones to “vibrate” when entering. Patrons using cell phones will be asked to leave the Library for the duration of their call.

Closure Due to Weather

If the University announces a delayed opening, the library will open when the University does.

If classes are cancelled and the University is closed due to inclement weather, the library will be open, whenever possible, from at least 10am to 4:30pm, during the weekday. On weekends and evenings, at the Dean of the Llibrary's discretion, the library may be closed if the weather is bad. 

If the University is closed due to inclement weather during a scheduled break when no classes are scheduled, the library will be closed.

In instances of inclement weather, you can call 978 665-3063 to verify the library is open.

Food and Beverages Policy

The library staff has established Food and Beverage policy to aid in the preservation and care of library materials and electronic equipment, to maintain a pest-free environment and damage free furnishings, to reduce litter, and to ensure a safe, clean environment. Food and drink in the Gallucci-Cirio Library are limited as follows:

  • The only food brought into the Library should be of the quick snack variety.
    • Exceptions are: staff areas, the CIC Library, and special events
  • Drinks are allowed in spill proof, covered containers only.
  • Food and beverages are not allowed in the following locations: the public computers, Special Collections and Archives, and the Library Classroom.
  • Carry out what you carry in.


Pets, bicycles, and rollerblading are not permitted in the Library.

Unattended Child Policy

The Library provides an environment for research, study and scholarship. To foster such an atmosphere, library staff cannot oversee unattended or unsupervised children nor be responsible for their safety. Children under 16 must be under the supervision (within view) of a parent or adult guardian. Parents, guardians and/or accompanying adult will be held responsible for the child’s behavior or actions and any resulting damages. Unattended children will be asked to leave the library. High school students working on school assignments may use the library unaccompanied providing they do so in an orderly manner.

Use of Technology Policy

We follow the university's policy for acceptable use.

WiFi access is available throughout the Library; see the Technology Department.