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Faculty Publications

The intent of this Faculty Publications guide is to highlight the work of our Faculty. We will attempt to include links to published material to which we have access or to provide citations. Click on the author's name to get to full-text article.

Barbato, Mary Ann

Buell, Catherine

"Frobenius Pseudoprimes and a Cubic Primality Test." Notes on Number Theory and Discrete Mathematics, Vol. 20, November 2014, No. 4, 11-20.

Dechene, Lucy

Adjacent Extensions of Rings.  Diss. University of California, 1978.  Special Collection Call number QA251.3.D43 1978

"Adjacent Rings: An Intro For Ordinary Mortals."  Harrod Lectures Series 1 (1979).  Lecture presented on April 25, 1979

Centennial March.  1996

Centennial March.

"Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Influence of Histamine, Hormones and Electrolytes."  Medical Hypothesis 40 (1993): 55-60.

Largo for Orchestra.  1991.  Westbury: Pro Art, 1991.

"Patients with Long Term Chronic Fatigue Syndrome."  Coping Reports of Journal of the Long Term Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 1.3/4 (1995): 59-67.

"The Socratic Approach to Word Problems."  PRIMUS 1.4 (Dec. 1991): 343-346.

"Symptom Patterns in Long-duration Chronic Fatigue Syndrome."  Journal of Psychosomatic Research 48 (2000): 59-68.

"The Unsuspected Role of Histamine in Chronic Disease: A Mathematician's Discovery."  Harrod Lecture Series 8 (1986-87): 55-79.  Lecture presented on April 22, 1987

"Up and Down-Fun All Around."  Community Teaching Fellowship Program Newsletter 5.1 (Feb. 1977): 4-9.