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Faculty Publications

The intent of this Faculty Publications guide is to highlight the work of our Faculty. We will attempt to include links to published material to which we have access or to provide citations. Click on the author's name to get to full-text article.

Barbaresi, Patricia (Emeritus Faculty)

Prof. Patricia Barbaresi taught in the Education Department from 1965-1999.

Nomishan, Daniel

"Resources for Teaching in Nigerian Schools."  International Journal of Nigerian Studies and Development (2007): 47-57.

"Science, Technology, and Engineering in Basic Education: A Changing Approach to Teaching Science."  International Journal of Nigerian Studies and Development (2008): 59-66. 

Ouellette, Glenda D.

Passing Notes: A Study Guide for the Foundations of Reading MTEL. Reading is Fundamental, 2009. 

Suskind, Diane

"Project Desert Shield-Preschool Style."  Young Children (1993): 43-45.