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Faculty Publications

The intent of this Faculty Publications guide is to highlight the work of our Faculty. We will attempt to include links to published material to which we have access or to provide citations. Click on the author's name to get to full-text article.

Faculty A-Z


Alberghene, Janice M. - see under English

Arend, Patricia – see under Behavioral Sciences

Aryee, Augustine - see under Sociology

Babich, George - see under Biology/Chemistry

Barbato, Mary Ann - see under Mathematics

Boersma, Rachel - see under Nursing

Bohrer, George - see Communications Media

Budd, Eric - see under Political Science

Budz, Judy - see under English

Caniato, Michele - see under Music

Carr, Robert - see under Communications Media

Chetro-Szivos, John - see under Communications Media

Ciottone, Judith - see under Biology/Chemistry

Colbert, James - see under Philosophy

Cratsley, Christopher - see under Biology/Chemistry

Dechene, Lucy - see under Mathematics

Dinda, Robin - see under Music

Fiske, Jane - see under Music

Foley, Robert - see under Library

Garofoli, Laura M. – see under Behavioral Sciences

Gray, Patrice - see under English

Grometstein, Randall – see under Behavioral Sciences

Hancock, John - see under Psychology

Hoey, Margaret - see under Biology/Chemistry

Hogan, Peter - see under Psychology

Jaramillo, Maria Mercedes - see under Foreign Languages

Jeffko, Walter G. - see under Philosophy

Kaul, Sanjay - see under Industrial Technology

Kellner, Lynne - see under Human Services

Krasner, Jon - see under Communications Media

Landry, Margarite - see under English

Laytin, Peter - see under Communications Media

Lieberman, Benjamin - see under History

Maybee, Frank - see under English

Martyniuk, Irene - see under English

Meskauskas, Lola - see under Nursing

Mrvica, Ann - see under Communications Media

Munson, Wayne - see under Communications Media

Murray, Thomas - see under English

Nomishan, Daniel - see under Education

Nwankwo, Jason C. - see under Behavioral Sciences

Obermeyer-Simmons, Helen - see under Communications Media

Picone, Christopher - see under Biology/Chemistry

Railton, Ben - see under English

Reeves, Rene - see under History

Sides, Charles - see under Communications Media

Spero, Joshua - see under Political Science

Suskind, Diane - see under Education

Thomas, Howard H. - see under Biology/Chemistry

Thomas, Teresa A. - see under History

Velasco, Maria Mercedes - see under Foreign Languages

Wadsworth, Susan - see under Art

Wagner, Shirley - see Academic Affairs

Walsh, Elizabeth - see under Criminal Justice

Weizer, Paul - see under Political Science

Wellman, Robert - see under Human Services

Wiebe, Richard - see under Criminal Justice

Williams, Susan - see under History