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Research in Education (Extended Campus - Catherine Leahy-Brine)

This guide is for students enrolled at Fitchburg State through the Catherine Leahy-Brine extended campus program.


Books and A/V items can be found in the library's online and physical collections. There are several ways you can search for these types of sources in our collections.

  • One of the easiest ways to look for these items is using Resource Search on the Library's website. It search all of the Library's databases and the traditional catalog at the same time, finding both print and online items that are available to you.
  • The library has several eBook and streaming media databases which you can search individually on their native platforms.
  • Some databases, such as ERIC, contain contain a variety of source types including full-text ebooks that you can access online.

Find a book or A/V item in a database that just provides an abstract or description about the item or listed on another item's Reference or Works Cited bibliography? Use the Library's Resource Search or traditional catalog to see if we have the item in one of our online or print collections. If we don't, use ILLiad to request it.

Using Resource Search on the Library's Website

From the Library's homepage (, enter your search terms in the Resource Search box under the ALL tab. (Ex. Shakespeare AND women)

The library's discovery system - ALL search

From the results page, you can use filters in the left-hand column such as Content Type to narrow down to books, videos, and so on. To see all of the available Content Types, click on the More... link to get the full list as a pop-up box and select the type(s) you want to see. For example to see just streaming audio and videos, in the pop-up box click on the green check marks next to Streaming Audio and Streaming Video then click on Apply at the top of the box. You now see only these items. Click on the Available Online link to access the streaming audio or video. 

Summon search results page showing how to apply the Content Type limit to see only Streaming Video and Streaming Audio items.

Using the Traditional Library Catalog

Search for books in the Gallucci-Cirio library via the traditional catalog by typing the title of a book, an author's name, or keyword in the search box below:


Try one of these suggested subjects or contact us for assistance:

Academic Achievement Education, Higher Montessori
Child Development Education, Secondary Nursery Schools
Child Language Educational Psychology School Management and Organization
Education Effective Teaching School Violence
Education History Exceptional Children Special Education
Education, Bilingual Kindergarten Teaching
Education, Elementary Manual Training Vocational Education

When searching in the catalog, you can also click on a title in your results list to see subjects.

Understanding Citations & Using Them to Find the Original Source

if you have a citation from your professor or from a footnote or a bibliography in another source, the citation should provide all the information you need to find it, even when it is in a citation style you don't know. A citation contains nuggets of information that usually identify:

  • Author/creator
  • Title
  • Publication/production information
    • Books will include the publisher and publisher's location
    • Articles will have a journal title and volume number. They may also have an issue number and page numbers.
  • Other information included changes depending on the type of source and the citation style used.
    • For instance books might have an editor listed, articles might have a DOI number, online documents and digital images might have a web address, etc.

You can use these nuggets to quickly track it down. Here are some citation examples and tips for quickly checking to see if we have it:

Article citations - Identify the title of the Journal, then use our Journal Locator Tool to see if we have it. (Using the Journal Locator Tool). Below is an APA and an MLA citation for the same article showing where you will find the journal title and other nuggets of information.


Image of an APA article citation.

Image of an MLA article citation.

Book citations - Identify the title of the book and type it into the Library Catalog's search box or our Resource Search box on the library's home page. Below is an APA and an MLA citation for the same book showing where you will find the book title and other nuggets of information.


Image of APA book citation.

Image of MLA book citation.

ILLiad: Get Books and Media from Another Library