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Using New RefWorks

Resources to help you use the New RefWorks reference management tool provided by the Amelia Galluci Cirio Library.

Welcome to New RefWorks!

RefWorks is a web-based program that allows you to easily collect, manage, and organize all of your bibliographic citations.

Using RefWorks you can:

  • Quickly add/import and manage citations for articles and other resources you use in your research
  • Create bibliographies in all major styles (MLA, APA, Turabian, Chicago, etc.) and export bibliographies as document types (Word, RTF, HTML, etc.)
  • Use RefShare to share your RefWorks library or specific folders with others
  • Cite resources while you write using Write-n-Cite

Sign-up for a New RefWorks Acccount

Go to RefWorks to create an account  - click this link - RefWorks

Sign up using your Fitchburg State email address.

Visit the tutorial - How to Set up an Account

Upgrading your RefWorks account to the New RefWorks

A new version of RefWorks (called New RefWorks) has been launched and will run parallel to the current or old version (called Legacy RefWorks). 

  • If you just beginning with RefWorks, start an account in New RefWorks
  • If you are a Legacy RefWorks user, you can create a New RefWorks account and migrate your references into it.  You can use both accounts up until January 1, 2019 when the Legacy RefWorks will be retired.  NOTICE:  the two accounts are not linked or interchangeable; read the information below before proceeding.

Once you activate your account (you'll receive an email with a link to complete the registration process), you’ll get access immediately and can get started managing your documents.

Which Version of RefWorks should I Choose?

Both offer the same level of convenience and benefit for managing your citations.  If you are new to RefWorks, then create a new account using the New RefWorks product.  If you are using Legacy RefWorks, you may continue to use it, and we recommend if you are currently working on a project or paper continuing into next semester, to continue using the Legacy version.  After your project is complete, you should be migrating your information over to the New Refworks.  A user guide is available for Legacy RefWorks.

Have additional questions about New RefWorks, please visit the ProQuest guide 


How to migrate your collections to the New RefWorks

Legacy RefWorks data can be migrated into your New RefWorks account from within your New RefWorks account via the Import references button.  But you must first set up your New RefWorks account.  (For more information on this process see the "Migration via Import Instructions" below.

To move references from your Legacy RefWorks account to your New RefWorks account,

1. Click on the + icon in New RefWorks to select Import References.

2. Click on the RefWorks button in the Import Directly into RefWorks from your current reference manager area.



3.  You will be asked to authorize access to your Legacy RefWorks account and will need to log in with your Legacy username and password.


4.   Your items will be imported into the New RefWorks account.  You will be notified as to how many references and if any did not import.


5. Click OK.  Your research appears in the Recent area of your new RefWorks account.  Note:  We do not remove your research from your RefWorks account – we simply copy it