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APA Style, 7th Edition

Formatting & Reference List

Title Page:

After beginning the page number on the top right of the title page, include the following in this order:

  • Paper title in bold
  • Author
  • Affiliation (includes academic department and the name of the university)
  • Course name
  • Instructor name
  • Due date

Running Header: APA 7th DOES NOT require a running head on student papers, though your professor may still require it. Please check with them if you are not sure. If it is required:

  • Type abbreviated title in the top left of the title page in all capital letters
  • Make sure it's included on every page, including your reference list
  • The notation Running Head IS NOT required in APA 7th edition

‚ÄčReference List:

The Reference List should begin at the end of your paper:
  • Type and center the word References at the top of the list
  • Alphabetize all the reference by the last name or group listed first in the author entry
  • Each reference should have a hanging indent (highlight a reference, and press ctrl and t buttons on your keyboard to set the hanging indent, or find the option under the paragraph menu in Microsoft Word)