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Criminal Justice Research Guide: Finding Articles

Research resources for students in the Criminal Justice program - including statistical data, judicial information, case law, and Massachusetts-specific information.

Fitchburg Law Library

Massachusetts has a legal library system with a branch right in Fitchburg. You can get a free library card and use resources in the library or online from home. Their librarians are also experts at legal searching, so don't hesitate to ask for help if you need it.

Scholarly vs. Non-Scholarly

What is the difference between scholarly/academic/peer-reviewed journals and magazines or trade journals? Look for the following to identify an academic or peer reviewed journal article (or take a look at this handy site):

  • Written by expert in the field 
  • Authors are not paid to publish their research  
  • Conducts a research study or builds on other research  
  • Article contains an abstract summarizing research  
  • Cites sources, contains references and/or bibliography  
  • Not selling anything - no advertisements

Databases: Criminal Justice

Find Government Information

 The U.S. government produces a wide variety of useful information published by federal departments and agencies:

Terrorism Resources

These sources are great for research about terrorism

White Collar Crimes

Additional Databases: Criminal Justice