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Finals DeStress@Home - Virtual/Online Finals Support: Fur Therapy

Critter Cams

Therapy Animal Videos

Library Staff Furbabies

While it's not the same as enjoying pet therapy in person on campus, please enjoy a moment with our staff's pets!

Kelly Boudreau's kitty, Henry

Renée Fratantonio's "fur-nephew" Bauer

Joanne Dennis's dogs Jessie (left) and Ranger (right)


Joanne's cat, Raven

Kristin Lortie's cat Precious

Linda LeBlanc's dogs, Chloe (left), Riley (middle), and Hunter (right)

Asher Jackson's dog, Pepper


Asher's cat, Oliver

Lori Steckervetz' cat, Dexter


Jodie Duangsay's kitties, Toki (left) and Dori (right)

Tyler Sullivan's cats, Nando (left) and Harley (right)