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Other FSU Finals Study & Stress Relief Resources

What is Finals DeStress@Home

The end of the semester is always a stressful time, and this Spring it is even more so with all of the new complications you are all trying to navigate. As you enter the las few days of the semester, it is important that you take time to clear you head and do something fun and distracting. 

Effective study and work habits include taking short breaks. During finals week the Library provides access to quick, fun de-stressing activities to give you mind a break from studying and writing papers. 

This is a portal to some online/virtual de-stressing activities to support you during a stressful time of the semester.

Finals Stress Management Tips

List & Schedule - create a prioritized study to-do list and schedule. Include break times in your schedule

50/10 Rule - Study for 50 minutes, take a 10 minute break

"Me Time" - Do something for you. Take a walk, color, eat a snack, talk to some friends, do something from this guide

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