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Librarian Mentoring Program

Guidelines, resources and best practices

Welcome! In combination with an effective onboarding program, the Amelia V. Gallucci-Cirio Library believes that mentorship, both formal and informal, is a necessary element for librarian success. This guide supports the Mentoring Program for new librarians at Fitchburg State University.  Here you'll find our mentoring guidelines, goals, resources, information, tips, and more.  Even if you are not a participant in our formal Mentoring Program, you'll still find useful resources and information here.  This guide is a work in progress - please feel free to suggest additional resources!

Program Goals & Objectives

The primary goals of the Library's Mentoring Program are to help new academic librarians acclimate to the Library and Fitchburg State University, and support them as they develop professionally to achieve tenure and promotion. The mentoring program will help widen the professional network of "new to Fitchburg State" librarians and provide access to objective, experienced, and informed professional staff. The mentee will receive additional mentorship from their Library Program Area Chair and the Dean of the Library outside of the mentoring program.

Duration: Formal mentoring relationships through the Mentoring Program are intended to last through tenure and first promotion process. If one or both parties need to end the partnership sooner, for whatever reason, partners should discuss openly and come to mutual agreement.  Should this occur, please realize it's no one's "fault."  Mentees should, however, contact the Library Program Area Chair, to arrange for another mentor.

Program Guidelines

Mentee Eligibility: All new Fitchburg State librarians are strongly encouraged to participate. "New librarians" is an inclusive term that means everything from librarians entering their first professional library position to experienced librarians who are new hires at Fitchburg State. Regardless of where they are on that continuum, we encourage them to participate in the Mentoring Program.

Mentor Eligibility: Potential mentors will exhibit positive attitudes about working at the Library and Fitchburg State and have good interpersonal skills. Mentors should be willing to commit necessary time and energy to the mentoring partnership. Mentors should have experience and knowledge of the university's tenure and promotion process in order to ensure informed guidance and discussions on promotion as well as professional development.  

Note that as our program develops, we may adjust these guidelines

Program Assessment:  The Library Program Area Chair will distribute a short survey to all Mentoring Program participants at various times during the year to assess how things are going. Your participation is strongly encouraged so that we can gain a full picture of program needs. Please also feel free to contact the Library Program Area Chair at any time with any questions or need for support.