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ENGL 1200: Writing II General Guide

This guide is intended to help students taking any Writing II course. It provides direction to resources and tips for getting started..

Search Strategy

Creating a search strategy helps you stay organized as you are working on a research project. Use the following Google Doc to get started. You can create a copy of this Google Doc and add it to your Google Drive by selecting File > Make a copy.

Topics & Background Information

These are a few databases you can use to find background information on a topic before searching for scholarly research articles. Learning more about an issue helps you round out your eventual research and essays.


As a member of the Fitchburg State University community, you have access to hundreds of newspapers. Because good journalism isn't free, newspaper websites can only give you access to a set number of free articles a month. The FSU library, however, subscribes to databases with access to these newspapers and also has print issues for major newspapers on the second floor.
Some of these major, and reputable, news sources are linked below. If you don't see a newspaper you're looking for, let us know or check out one of these databases.
United States