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DIY: Research Help

A continually evolving suite of research help content focused on helping you navigate the research process.
Woman asking "Research? Where do I start?"

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Check Your Assignment Details & Rubric / Ask Yourself...

Your assignment details and rubric may provide answers to these questions:

  • What is the type of assignment - 5 minute oral presentation, 10 page paper, group project?
  • How many sources are required and/or needed? Does your professor state a minimum or maximum number?
  • What types of sources are required or suggested - newspaper/magazine articles, books, scholarly articles, primary sources?
  • Do you need to focus on a specific time-period? Is the topic a current event?
  • Is point-of-view an issue?
  • Do you need to articulate one or both sides of an argument?
  • Did your professor suggest a specific place to search?

If your professor doesn't specify some or any of these details, you can use these same questions to help you set your own criteria. Need help determining the assignment criteria or developing your own? Don't hesitate to contact one of your librarians!

Guides for Understanding the Research Process