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Find High Quality Educational Content on YouTube and Kanopy

How to Locate Films in Kanopy

You can access films in Kanopy 3 ways:

1). Search the Kanopy website. Go to You can browse by topic or do a keyword search

image showing browse button, keyword searching


2).  Use Resource Search. Go to and use Resource Search.  Enter keywords describing the subject matter of film you want and add the word Kanopy.  (Example: Climate change AND kanopy)

example of search  climate change AND kanopy

Select Streaming Video and the results will be films in Kanopy. Click on Available online to see the film.

photo showing where to select streaming video and available online



3). Search the Library Catalog.  Go to the Library Catalog, enter your search terms and kanopy and click on search. (Example: climate change AND kanopy)

catalog search - climate change and kanopy

From the results page, click on a title. 

Results page from search.

From the title page, click on A Kanopy Streaming Video link to go to the Kanopy website.

Catalog Title Page highlighting Kanopy Streaming Video