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Find High Quality Educational Content on YouTube and Kanopy

Creating a Film Clip

If you do want to show the entire video, you can create clips of the video to view. 

1). From the video's landing page, click on Share and copy the URL. 

2).  Go to and paste in the URL to the video.

3). The video appears on the screen.  At the bottom of the video is a ruler.  Slide the ruler to where you want to start and end the video.

4. Copy the URL or embed code and insert into Blackboard.  

  • If using a URL, select the link with youtubetrimmer as the base. (  This will end the video at the end time you selected.  It may look like the video will run to the end but it does stop at the time you selected.  
  • In Blackboard, select Web link under Build Content instead of YouTube link.


Watch this short video for a demonstration.