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How Do I...? Get Research Help: Finding Sources

Get the help you need to complete your research papers and projects.

And, Or, Not

Combine all your concepts and terms with AND, OR, NOT:


AND - use this when ALL the words must be in your results. This will narrow your results.   Example: apples AND oranges; peanut butter AND jelly

OR  - use this to connect synonyms, when ANY can come back in your results. This will broaden a search. Example: women OR woman OR girl; cat OR kitty OR kitten

NOT - use with caution since this will eliminate results with the specified word.

See a visual guide to Boolean here!

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    Choosing a Database

    Already know the article you need?

    Do you have a citation?  Did your professor tell you to find an article in a specific newspaper or magazine? 

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    Qualitative Primary Sources

    Qualitative Primary Documents are original research: diaries, letters, stories, documents and more.  They are used to help understand historical time periods or specific people'e perspectives of the world.

    Newspapers can be considered primary documents when used to understand the history of an event or issue.

    Quantitative Primary Sources

    Quantitative Primary Documents are statistics and data from original experiements.

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    Don't overlook one of your best resources - your Gallucci-Cirio Librarians! Need help getting started, developing your search strategy, focusing your topic and selecting "keywords", deciding what type of resources you need as well as how to use them? The librarians are here to assist you whether you have a home work assignment or an indepth research project to complete.