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Information Literacy and Library Instruction

Information about the Amelia V. Gallucci-Cirio Library's Information Literacy and Instruction Programs. scheduling instruction sessions for your courses, information literacy and research-based curriculum development, and more.

Undergraduate Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will understand that authority is constructed and contextual.

    1. Choose the appropriate level of authority for the information needed.

    2. Determine credibility of sources through various evaluative methods.

  2. Students will be able to contribute to scholarly conversation ethically and responsibly at the appropriate level.

    1. Integrate sources ethically and appropriately.

    2. Explain how their scholarship contributes to ongoing discussion.

  3. Students will be able to demonstrate that research is a flexible and iterative process of inquiry. 

    1. Formulate and refine a research question.

    2. Synthesize gathered information to communicate new ideas.

  4. Students will be able to locate information using a variety of tools and methods.

    1. Develop a search strategy appropriate to the tools and methods.

    2. Locate sources relevant to information need.

Graduate Learning Outcomes

As of August 2022, the Graduate Learning Outcomes are in development. In addition to the Undergraduate Learning Outcomes above, the graduate students will learn to…

  1. Develop a search strategy appropriate for conducting a literature review.

  2. Evaluate sources of information for their quality, accuracy, reliability, and significance. 

  3. Organize sources of information thematically.