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Information Literacy and Library Instruction

Information about the Amelia V. Gallucci-Cirio Library's Information Literacy and Instruction Programs. scheduling instruction sessions for your courses, information literacy and research-based curriculum development, and more.


The Amelia V. Gallucci-Cirio Library Information Literacy Instruction program prepares students to find, evaluate, and use information ethically by fostering the development of information literacy as a lifelong learning mindset and suite of skills. Through a variety of instructional models, librarians educate students on the processes of information discovery and critical thinking necessary for evaluating and using information responsibly in college and beyond.


The Library Instruction Program will be recognized for its excellence in preparing students to transfer the skills associated with information literacy to schoolwork and daily life outside the classroom. 

In order to achieve this, we will:

  • Prepare students for academic, professional and personal research through a blend of traditional and online instruction, employing innovative uses of technology in library instruction.
  • Foster a culture of critical inquiry that examines practices of knowledge creation and authority.
  • Build partnerships within the campus community for students to apply information literacy skills through experiential learning opportunities.
  • Invest in our librarians’ professional development as it pertains to teaching and learning.

Core Values

The following values are four of the six Library values articulated in the Library’s Mission and Vision statement that are closely associated with the Library Instruction program.

The AVGC Library supports student success and life-long learning by delivering high-quality resources, instruction, services, programs and spaces to support the educational and professional goals of our students. The AVGC Library plays a critical role in educating students to be skilled and information literate researchers. 
The AVGC Library works in sustained and intentional partnerships with faculty, staff, administrators and the surrounding Fitchburg community to amplify the impact of our work and leverage our position on campus as the hub for scholarship and learning.
The AVGC Library fosters innovation by always seeking new and better ways of working with the University community. We think creatively, embrace change and new technologies, encourage intellectual curiosity and experiment as individuals and as a team.
Diversity and Inclusivity
The AVGC Library recognizes the inherent worth and dignity of every member of our community and works to ensure equitable and impartial access to resources, services and programs. We strive to create a welcoming environment that promotes a sense of belonging and to provide services, spaces, collections and systems that are accessible to our community.