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ENGL 2600: Bible as Literature (Tracy)

Background Information

These are a few databases you can use to find background information on a topic before searching for scholarly research articles. Learning more about an issue helps you round out your eventual research and essays.






Citing the Bible

In-Text (Parenthetical) Citation

The first time you include a parenthetical citation, indicate which version of the Bible you are citing by either underlining or italicizing the version title. Use a comma to separate the version from the book, chapter, and verse. Do not underline or italicize the book, chapter, or verse in your citation.

For example,

(New Jerusalem Bible, Ezek. 1.5-10)

If you continue to cite the same version of the Bible throughout your paper, additional citations only need to include the book abbreviation, chapter, and verses.

For example,

(Rev. 4.6-8).


Works Cited

Basic Format

The Bible. Version you are using, Publisher, Year.



The Bible. Authorized King James Version, Oxford University Press, 2008.

The Bible. The New Oxford Annotated Version, 5th ed., Oxford UP, 2018.