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Art Research Guide

Art Research Guide providing resources on the visual arts.

Art Criticism and Writing

Background Information

eReference Books

The Library provides full-text reference eBooks; listed below are a selection of titles available in Credo Reference.

Reference Books

Below is also a selection of print reference titles you may find useful for your research. These are shelved on the 1st floor. It's often worthwhile to browse the shelves around your subject, as titles with similar subjects are shelved together.

  • Artists of the Nineteenth Century and Their Works. REF N40.C4
  • Lives of the Great Twentieth Century Artists. REF N6489.L83
  • Women Artists, 1550-1950. REF N6350.H35 1977
  • Dictionary of Abstract Painting. REF ND35.B413
  • Dictionary of Subjects and Symbols in Art. REF N7560.H34
  • Phaidon Dictionary of Twentieth-Century Art. REF N6490.P46
  • American Art Galleries: Illustrated Guide to Their Art & Artists. REF N510.A48
  • Art Museums of the World. REF N410.A78
  • Who's Who in Art. REF N40.W46
  • Dictionary of Art. REF N31.D5 1996 34 vols. (This set has been called "the most comprehensive art reference" available.) 
  • Concise Encyclopedia of Surrealism. REF NX600.S9P7
  • Encyclopedia of Visual Art. REF N25. E25 1983 10 vols.
  • Encyclopedia of World Art. REF N31.E533 16 vols.