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Web Development and Design: Books and E-Books

Here is a suite of tutorials, tools, and guidelines for developing for the web.


This guide is designed to be helpful as a supplement to (among others)

  • CSC 1150 - Basics of Web Design
  • CSC 2150 - Advanced Web Design with Scripting
  • CSC 3250 - Advanced Topics in Web Development


Building websites has become a good deal more complicated than it used to be.  While it is still possible to build simple sites with basic HTML or with a WYSIWYG ("what you see is what you get") editor, typically today many sites are expected to provide dynamic content utilizing many other technologies.   Also, beyond simple coding, in order to design a good website, the developer should ideally have a good sense of design and layout, and an understanding of usability, or how users will understand your page.  Designing with these concepts in mind will help in the creation of more effective websites.

This guide will provide information on:

  • The design process
  • Usability design and testing
  • Tutorials on various web scripting and programming languages
  • Tools for developing and testing your website
  • Resources for quick reference
  • Access to public forums where further help can be found

Search the Catalog

Books will always be great research tools.  Try searching our catalog to find books on your topic or to find books in other libraries.   Remember, you are not limited to what we have.  Ask the librarians about your options to get books from other libraries.


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Books from the Catalog

Here are a few books that are relevant to Web Development and Design available in the Fitchburg State University Library: