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ENGL 1100: Writing I (Railton)

Getting Started

Topics & Background Information

These are a few databases you can use to find background information on a topic before searching for scholarly research articles. Learning more about an issue helps you round out your eventual research and essays.

Get an idea!

Not sure what to write an essay about? Here are a few suggestions for getting an idea.

  • TedTalks - watch a TedTalk that inspires you. What questions do you have after watching?
  • Podcasts - listen to an episodes that sparks your curiosity. What drew you to that podcast? What are the issues the hosts discuss?
  • The News - explore the headlines and read a story that catches your eyes. Why did you read that one? What else do you want to know about that story?
  • Books - Checkout the library book displays or consider what you've read recently. Why are you interested in those topics?
  • Your Personal Experiences - reflect on past and current experiences. What did you or someone you know go through that makes you wonder what could be done to help other people with similar experiences?

Asking questions is important. Research is all about finding answers to our questions from multiple sources and using the information we find to reach a better understanding of an issue or a topic.