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Search Strategy: Using Google Scholar

Google Scholar

Using Google Scholar to find articles

Do you ever find yourself looking for articles in Google Scholar but find that they are stuck behind a pay wall? Many of these articles may be available to you as a member of the Fitchburg State University community. Here is a quick guide to use Google Scholar to gain access to articles available to you, either in print or digitally.

On Campus

If you are on-campus this should work automatically. If you search in Google scholar you will see many links that look like this:

If you click on the link at the right labeled "Get Article @ Fitchburg," this will take you to our link resolver, which looks like this:

In this case, the article is available in our print collection. If you click on "Journal" it will take you to our catalog. In the below example, the article is available digitally through Academic Search Premier. If you click on "article" it will take you directly to the citation, where you can download the article itself:

Off Campus

If you are off-campus, you can configure Google Scholar to recognize Fitchburg State University by using the following steps.

Go to Google Scholar, look on the upper right of the screen and click on "Settings":

On this page,on the left, click on "Library Links."

find the section titled Library Links, and Type in "Fitchburg State," click on the search button (or just hit enter on your keyboard) and then choose the checkbox for Fitchburg State University:

Then save your preferences (either above or below):

Now you will see the options to "Get article @Fitchburg" the same way as if you are on campus.
Note: To access any digital articles from off-campus, you will need to login to the network using your Fitchburg State user id and password. If you are having any trouble with this, please follow these instructions.

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask a librarian