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ENGL 1200: Writing II (Takehana): Home

Developing the Research Question & Keywords

Mind Mapping

A Mind Map is created around a single word or idea, placed in the center (as your starting point), to which you add related or associated words, ideas and concepts. In the contect of doing research it can help you condense your thoughts, create a framework and develop keywords and phrases you can use in databases and search engines. It is important to narrow down your topic to find the topic you are really interested in. This will allow you to get better results when you do research by helping you narrow the results down to the most appropriate articles, books and websites.  Use thise mind mapping tools to help you with the process.

Research appointments available!

Don't overlook one of your best resources - your Gallucci-Cirio Librarians! Need help getting started, developing your search strategy, focusing your topic and selecting "keywords", deciding what type of resources you need as well as how to use them? The librarians are here to assist you whether you have a home work assignment or an indepth research project to complete.