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COMM 3200: Contemporary Cinema (Munson): Researching Film

Resources for students in Dr. Munson's Contemporary Cinema (COMM 3200) class.

Before You Search

Before you start to search, it is important to understand how to search. Most databases aren't capable of understanding a search string like:

how the disabled are portayed in movies

Searching your core concepts: disabled AND portray AND (movies OR film) will yield better results.

Need help developing keywords for your search? Try a MindMap, or use the pdf guide below.

Mind Map Your Topic - An Interactive Guide

Online Film Journals and Sites

Citation Styles

There are numerous citation styles. Which one you use often depends on the discipline.

  • APA is generally used for citing Psychology, Criminal Justice, Communication, Education and Behavioral Sciences.
  • MLA is generally used for citing English, Art, Music and the Humanities.
  • Chicago/Turabian is generally used for citing History and the Social Sciences.

Below are guides for these three most commonly used citation styles: