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Exercise & Sports Science Research Guide

This guide provides resources and information to help you get started with your research projects in the field of exercise and sports science. Need additional help? Please contact me!

APA 7th Edition Style Guides

Here are some guides you can use to help you with how to format your citations in ACS.

Online Guides:

Library Resources:

Citation Elements

No matter the format all citations should tell you:

  • WHO wrote/created the source material = name(s) of the authors, editors, etc.
  • WHAT is the source called = title of the book, article, website, etc.
  • WHEN was the source was created = publication/copyright date
  • WHERE is it located = name of journal, volume/issue/page numbers; publisher/location; URL; doi (Digital Object Identifier) 

Citation styles vary in how they present this information, but these elements are always included.

Anatomy of a APA Citation

When citing journal articles in APA take the citation elements and arrange them in the following order: 

                                            WHO. WHENWHAT. WHERE.

Element Order:

Author. (Publication Year). Title of the article. Journal Information. URL 

General APA Formatting (Journal article):

Last Name, A.A., Last Name, B. B., & Last Name, C.C. (YYYY). Title of the articleJournal NameV(I), p-p.

Formatting Notes:

  • List author names in order listed in the article. Last name, Initials. Separate names with a comma, except for the last author, separate with the ampersand (&)
  • Place publication date in parenthesis
  • Use sentence casing for the article title where only the first word of the title/subtitle is capitalized (as well as any proper names)
    • Ex: Parent and teacher reports of comorbid anxiety and ADHD symptoms in children with ASD.
  • Capitalize and italicize the Journal Name 
  • Place volume number in italics