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Exercise & Sports Science Research Guide

This guide provides resources and information to help you get started with your research projects in the field of exercise and sports science. Need additional help? Please contact me!

Writing & Citing in APA Style 6th ed.

When using the library's research databases, many (such as Academic Search Complete) provide the option to place the document's citation information into the the style format of your choice when you go to print, save or email it. Remember to select the APA format (or which ever style your professor requires) and you can save yourself some time. For online resources that don't have this option and when citing from print resources, print and online APA Style manuals are available.

Not sure how to cite a resource? Ask A Librarian!

Helpful APA related sites to assist you with proper citations:

Understanding Citations & Using Them to Find the Original Source

if you have a citation from your professor or from a footnote or a bibliography in another source, the citation should provide all the information you need to find it, even when it is in a citation style you don't know. A citation contains nuggets of information that usually identify:

  • Author/creator
  • Title
  • Publication/production information
    • Books will include the publisher and publisher's location
    • Articles will have a journal title and volume number. They may also have an issue number and page numbers.
  • Other information included changes depending on the type of source and the citation style used.
    • For instance books might have an editor listed, articles might have a DOI number, online documents and digital images might have a web address, etc.

You can use these nuggets to quickly track it down. Here are some citation examples and tips for quickly checking to see if we have it:

Article citations - Identify the title of the Journal, then use our Journal Locator Tool to see if we have it. (Using the Journal Locator Tool). Below is an APA and an MLA citation for the same article showing where you will find the journal title and other nuggets of information.


Image of an APA article citation.

Image of an MLA article citation.

Book citations - Identify the title of the book and type it into the Library Catalog's search box or our Resource Search box on the library's home page. Below is an APA and an MLA citation for the same book showing where you will find the book title and other nuggets of information.


Image of APA book citation.

Image of MLA book citation.