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Nursing Research Guide

Suggested resources to use when beginning research on nursing topics.

Getting Started

What follows are some hints to find articles for three usual nursing assignments: Find an article written by an RN; Find an article with a legal or ethical issue; Find an article discussing a cultural aspect of nursing.

Article by a RN

CINAHLplus now offers you the ability to search for articles written by nurses.  Here is how you can limit your search to these types of articles. 

When you get to CINAHL Complete (EBSCO) click on the advanced search option under your search box.  In the options to limit your results you will see two options.  One is to get articles where any author is a nurse and the other is to get articles where the first, or main author, is a nurse.  Check your assignment to know which one you need to select.  After you select this and enter your search terms your results will only have articles that are written by nurses.


Article on Legal or Ethical Issue

As with any of our databases, the default search screen is to Basic or Keyword. There will be a tab for Advanced Search allowing you three search boxes. However, Proquest Nursing & Allied Health and CINAHLplus with Full-text each have a search feature you will find helpful.

In Proquest Nursing & Allied Health, there is a Topics tab. Below the search box you can choose either 'Suggest topics' (enter keyword) or 'Look up topics A-Z'. Retrieved results will offer View document and Narrow by related topics.

CINAHL Complete has a nice search feature - CINAHL Headings - in the blue banner at top of page. Clicking on that link brings you to another page where you can search for a term by "Term begins with' or 'Term contains' or 'Relevancy ranked.' Results may show [SCOPE] which contains additional information. Clicking on the term you seek will list the hierarchical ('tree') structure of the term plus to the right Quality Subheadings which often includes such headings as Ethical issues, and Legislation and jurisprudence. Check the box wanted then click on 'Search database.'

Find a cultural article

In searching for articles treating cultural aspects of nursing, you can always search by country or nationality (i.e. Japan or Japanese). Try these terms as Subject terms:

Cultural competence
Cultural diversity
Cultural sensitivity
Transcultural nursing

Use 'transcultural care' for cross-cultural care.

Use 'ethnological research' for cross-cultural comparison, or cross-cultural research or cross-cultural studies.

In CINAHL Complete, from the Advanced Search page, select 'MW Word in subject heading' or 'MH Exact search heading' from the drop-down menu.

In Proquest Nursing & Allied Health, click on Advanced search tab, from the drop-down menu next to search box select Subject, then type one of the suggested search terms above.

Ethno website

Although this site is based in the Seattle, WA area, the information will prove pertinent for other areas in the United States.