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Using Kanopy

Creating a Film Clip

if you do not need to view the entire film, you can create clips of portions of the film. 

1). From a film's landing page, click on Create Clip/Playlist.  If you are not logged in, you will be prompted to enter your credentials to login to your account.. 


2). You will be prompted to create a new playlist.  If you have existing playlists they will appear as well. 

Screen shot of where to create new playlist


3). Click on Edit playlist.


4). The entire film will be added to your playlist.  To create a clip, click on Edit 

Click on edit to create a clip


5). Go to the section of the film that starts where you want to clip. 

Example To make a  10:30 minute film clip starting at 14:30 minutes into the film and eding at 25:00 minutes, Move the film timeline to 14:30 minutes into the film,   Click in the Start box and then click on capture.  To finish the clip, move the film  timeline to 25:00 minutes, Click in the Stop time box and click on Capture. Click on Save Clip. 

Image of film clip from 14:30 to 25:00 minutes into the film


6). The playlist now contains a 10:30 minute clip of the film. You can add additional clips from the same film or other film to the playlist. 

Clipped film of 10 minutes 30 seconds