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Library Databases

General databases

You can search the following databases to locate general articles on career and employment outlooks as well as specific career outlooks. 

Subject specific databases

You can also search for articles in databases related to your career. Below are suggested databases for that contain articles about graphic design, film or other communication fields.

Database Search Strategies

Subject Headings

Try using these subject headings to locate articles in a database.

  • Job satisfaction
  • Employees - Attitudes
  • Employee attitudes
  • Career development

Quotation Marks vs. Phrase vs. AND

"career development" will only retrieve results in which the words appear exactly as written

 career development will retrieve results in which career and development are located in proximity to one another. Development could appear before career. The two words typically appear within 5 words of one another

Career AND Development will retrieve results in which Career and Development appear somewhere in the fields searched. They do not necessarily have to be within proximity of one another or as a phrase. Career could  appear in the first sentence of the abstract and Development could appear in the subject fields. 


Using an asterisk (*) at the end of a word will bring back variations of the word. 

Example: employ* will retrieve results with the words  employ, employs, employer, employee etc.  


Employment Statistics & Outlooks

Occupational Outlook Handbook

Published by the  Bureau of Labor Statistics, the OOH provides statistical and descriptive information for thousands of careers. Information provided include:
Level of education needed
Overview of position
Number of positions
Job Outlook in 10 years
Work environment

Users can search by career, browse by occupation, or search for occupations based on median pay, level of education, projected number of new jobs, and projected growth rate of the profession.

screen shot of Occupational Outlook Handbook webpage

Career Outlook (BLS)

Provides data and information on a variety of positions and industries.  Content includes
Feature articles which  present an in-depth look at a range of career topics.

You’re a what? explores unusual  occupations through the work of someone in that occupation.

Interview with a… describes, in Q & A format, a specific worker’s career path.

Data on Display is a graphic presentation of data on employment and other topics.

Occupational Employment Statistics (BLS)

Provides an overview of several professions arranged by industry.  Information provided includes occupation's definition, national employment and wage estimates, and industry and geographic profiles.

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