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ENGL 1100: Writing I (Doherty)

And, Or, Not

Combine all your concepts and terms with AND, OR, NOT:


AND - use this when ALL the words must be in your results. This will narrow your results.   Example: apples AND oranges; peanut butter AND jelly

OR  - use this to connect synonyms, when ANY can come back in your results. This will broaden a search. Example: women OR woman OR girl; cat OR kitty OR kitten

NOT - use with caution since this will eliminate results with the specified word.

See a visual guide to Boolean here!

    Finding Articles

    Articles come in all shapes, sizes, and types. How you use an article depends on the type of information provided.The library subscribes to hundreds of databases that each contain subscription access to periodicals and scholarly journals.

    Google Scholar

    You can utilize Google's Advanced Search to help narrow your results from the start:

    • Use Google's search box structure on the advanced page to enter the related terms in your search (i.e. girls/women/female) and create a Boolean search string (see box to the left)
    • Use the "Search within a site or domain" box to screen out .com sites

    The domain name of a site can give you a good idea of what content you might find there:

    • .com - "Commercial" A for-profit site selling something (sometimes information).
    • .net - "Network" Usually similar to .com
    • .org - "Organization" A non-profit, but likely has an agenda/opinion.
    • .edu - "Education" An educational institution, college, or university.
    • .gov - "Government" Sponsored by the US government.


    Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

    Evaluate what you find: RADAR