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STEM Starter Academy: Summer Bridge

Student Learning Objectives

After completing this session, students will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate how to navigate the library's physical and virtual spaces to locate resources and services
  2. Identify at least three ways they can access help
  3. Name and describe library services available to students
  4. Identify and locate the subject liaison librarian and core databases for their discipline
  5. Construct keyword searches in order to find relevant information
  6. Distinguish the difference between a reference database (Credo) and a subject database, and when to use each
  7. Use Resource Search to perform searches for physical and online items in the library's collections
  8. Locate a book on the shelf using the LC (Library of Congress) call number
  9. Assess information sources based on information need, type of source and where it fits within the information timeline.
  10. Describe two roles citations play in the research process and demonstrate how to use them using APA and MLA

ACRL Frames

  • Research as Inquiry
  • Searching as Strategic Exploration
  • Authority is Constructed and Contextual
  • Scholarship as Conversation