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Academic Integrity: CTL Learning Hour April 16, 2019


Title: A Frank Discussion on Academic Integrity

Our teaching and learning goals can only be accomplished in environments in which academic integrity values are upheld. Join your colleagues for an interactive session where we will engage with a case study focused on our students’ academic practices. Explore together the gray areas of academic integrity. Academic integrity resources will be made available for further exploration.


Jacalyn Kremer, Dean of the Amelia V. Gallucci-Cirio Library, has focused her work on promoting academic integrity initiatives and working collaboratively with faculty to explore the complex issues of academic honesty. She led a team of librarians in developing open source online academic integrity tutorials that were recognized with Fairfield University’s President’s Innovation Award.

Connie Strittmatter, Public Services Librarian and author of the 2016 book Teaching Plagiarism Prevention to College Students: An Ethics-Based Approach.

NPR How Students Cheat their Way through College (4/8/19)