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ENGL 1100: Writing I (Hamm)

Google Scholar

You can utilize Google's Advanced Search to help narrow your results from the start:

  • Use Google's search box structure on the advanced page to enter the related terms in your search (i.e. girls/women/female) and create a Boolean search string (see box to the left)
  • Use the "Search within a site or domain" box to screen out .com sites

The domain name of a site can give you a good idea of what content you might find there:

  • .com - "Commercial" A for-profit site selling something (sometimes information).
  • .net - "Network" Usually similar to .com
  • .org - "Organization" A non-profit, but likely has an agenda/opinion.
  • .edu - "Education" An educational institution, college, or university.
  • .gov - "Government" Sponsored by the US government.