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Chicago Style

Basic Journal Article Citation


      1. Susan Peck MacDonald, “The Erasure of Language,” College Composition and Communication 58, no. 4 (2007): 619.


MacDonald, Susan Peck. “The Erasure of Language.” College Composition and Communication 58, no. 4 (2007): 585-625.

Citation Example for Magazine

Citing a magazine basics:

Notes and bibliographic entries for magazines include the following information: author’s name, article title, magazine title, date.


      1. Emily Macel, “Beijing’s Modern Movement,” Dance Magazine, February 2009, 35.


Macel, Emily. “Beijing’s Modern Movement.” Dance Magazine, February 2009.

Online Magazines:

Online periodicals are cited exactly as their print counterparts with the addition of a DOI or URL at the end of the citation. See also Periodicals @ Purdue OWL. Also keep in mind that while access dates are not required for formally published electronic sources (journal articles), they can be useful for informally published electronic sources or may be required for by some disciplines for all informally and formally published electronic sources. Access dates should be located immediately prior to the DOI or URL.


      1. Barron YoungSmith, Green Room, Slate, February 4, 2009,


YoungSmith, Barron. Green Room. Slate, February 4, 2009.