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MLA Style, 7th Edition

In-Text Citations

Parenthetical documentation directs the reader to the specific sources of information that you are referencing in the body of your paper. These listings must direct the reader to a particular work listed on your “Works Cited” page. In most cases the author’s last name and a specific page number, in parentheses, are enough to identify the source you used and its location within that source. If the item has a corporate author, treat the corporate entity as the author.

Example: During the 1980s global inflation remained steady at around 15 percent (Rogoff 49).

If you are already referring to the author’s name in the text of your paper, then you need only cite the specific page number in parentheses.

Example: According to Rogoff, “global inflation averaged 15 percent in the 1980s” (49).

References in the text must clearly point to specific sources in the list of works cited. (Section 6.1 in the MLA 7th edition).