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ENGL 1200: Writing II (Gray): Getting Started

Why Not Wikipedia?

You Don't Have the Book I Need!

Find Books

In the Gallucci-Cirio Library:


Reading A Call Number

The Fitchburg State library uses the Library of Congress Classification System.


Call numbers begin with one or two letters and are organized alphabetically on the shelves. These letters describe the general subject of a book. (DS = History of Asia)

The second line is a number, which gives more detail on the specific subject matter of the item. This line is read numerically. (559.44 = Vietnamese Conflict)

The third line often represents the author's last name, and read as a decimal. (S = Smith)

The last line is the date of publication and is read chronologically. (1992)


Grammar Resources

Grammar and proper sentence structure is an important part of academic writing. These resources can help you with most grammar conundrums:

Ask a Librarian: Research Help Desk