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Using Legacy RefWorks

Resources to help you use the Legacy RefWorks reference management tool provided by the Amelia Cirio Library.

Importing to RefWorks from PubMed databases

1.  Login to RefWorks.

2.  Go to PubMed and perform your search.

3.  After finding an article you like, go back to the main results page to click the check box of any articles you want cited. Then click Send to at the top right of the results page & select Clipboard. Afterwards, you can click on Clipboard  to double check your selections.

4. Next to Clipboard, click on Send to again, but this time select File and choose the MEDLINE format, then Create File.

5.  A pop up box should appear. Choose to save file, where it will be stored under the downloads folder of your browser.

6.  Now follow the instructions for "Importing directly into Refworks."

From within RefWorks (after following exporting directions)

1.  Make sure you're logged into RefWorks. Once there, hover over References in the top menu bar and click on Import.

2.  Change Import Filter/Data Source to NLM PubMed.

3.  Next to Select Text File click Browse. Go the the Downloads folder and select the text file that you downloaded from PubMed.

4. Citations should then immediately upload into RefWorks.