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Using Legacy RefWorks

Resources to help you use the Legacy RefWorks reference management tool provided by the Amelia Cirio Library.

Organizing Your Reference Library

You can keep better track of the citations you save in RefWorks by organizing them into folders according to class name, research topic, or any other scheme you can think of!

To do so, click here to view this tutorial or this tutorial, or

Follow these directions.

To create a new folder:

  1. Click the New Folder button.

  1. In the pop-up window that appears, type the folder name.

  2. Click Create. The new folder will appear in the list of Folders at the right-hand side-bar.

To rename or delete a folder:

  1. Click the command to Organize & Share Folders.

  1. On the list of folders that will appear, find the folder you want to rename and look to its right. Hover over the yellow folder icon.

  2. For a folder you want to rename, click Rename Folder. For a folder you want to delete, click Delete Folder.

  3. Follow appropriate instructions to complete the task.

To place citations in a folder after they have been imported:

  1. From the commands at the top, hover over the View command and click All References

  1. Select the references you want to add by clicking the box or boxes next to their Ref ID

  2. Look for the Add to Folder icon--a small yellow folder with a green plus sign beside it. Click on the icon and scroll through the pull-down menu to select your target folder--the folder to which you'd like to add the references. The references will be added to the target.
  3. Or you can drag and drop the item into the appropriate folder.