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ENGL 1100: Writing I (Hosley): MLA Citations & Writing Resources

Human Nature

To Cite or Not to Cite

Even if your professor doesn't tell you to cite your sources, you still have too. Chances are, if they didn't tell you, they just assumed you know it's required. Any source you get information from whether it is an interview with a person, a pamphlet from a government office, a web page, a journal article, a book, etc. requires a citation. When you use that sources' information, you must give them credit; if you don't, you are plagiarizing.

Paraphrasing is different from quoting, but it's not always as easy to do.  Here are some resources to help you learn how to paraphrase better.

Ask a Librarian!

Many of the databases give you the option when you print, save or email a document (or the citation if the full text is not available) to save the citation in the style format you choose which you can then insert into your reference list.

Contact the Writing Center at 978-665-4235 / 3499 and see their Webpage for useful information and online resources at

MLA Style - Humanities

MLA (Modern Language Association) Style is primarily used for the humanities - English, philosophy, music, religion - but can also be used in other subjects.

Helpful MLA related sites to assist you with proper citations:

Grammar Resources

Grammar and proper sentence structure is an important part of academic writing. These resources can help you with most grammar conundrums:

Citation Management Tool

Citing your sources is one of the most important steps in doing research.  RefWorks will allow you to store and organize your citations as well as easily create your bibliography/references (whether annotated or not) and final paper in the correct style.  

You can use RefWorks to:

  • Organize references
  • Format bibliographies
  • Create a database of your own citations
  • Import references directly from library databases
  • Insert in-text citations, footnotes and bibliographies using the Write-n-Cite tool
  • Share your citations with a group

For LEGACY REFWORKS ONLY:  Off-Campus users will need to entergroup code: RWFSC to get access. Choose the "Export to RefWorks" option in most databases.

Note: You must have popups enabled for RefWorks to work properly.