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IDIS 4004: IDIS Capstone Seminar Non-Education (Diakite)

Research Appointments Available

Don't overlook one of your best resources - your Gallucci-Cirio Librarians! Need help getting started, developing your search strategy, focusing your topic and selecting "keywords", deciding what type of resources you need as well as how to use them, or struggling with citations? Use our appointment scheduler below to meet with Asher or Linda:

Research Steps

Forming Your Search Strategy

Choosing a Database

There are a large number of databases available, each one different from another in a variety of ways. They may have very different search features and options. Some databases are subject specific while others cover a more general, broad-based range of subject areas. They may provide full online access to some or all of the items (article, book, video, etc.), or they may provide only an abstract or partial clip, or just list the item's citation information.

A good place to start your research is in a general, broad database such as:

No Full Text - No Problem! Here's how to get it.

Sometimes you find a great article, but it's not available online in the database that you are searching in. When this happens you should see a "Get Article", "Find Article" or "Find Copy" link instead. Click on this link to see if it's available in one of our other databases or in our print collection.

  • If it's online, you'll see an "Article" link - click on it to get the article.
  • If it's in our print collection or we don't subscribe to that journal, you'll see a link to "Request this item". Click here to access your ILLiad account. We will scan articles from our print collection and deliver it to you online. For journals we don't have, we will get the article from another library and deliver it to you online.

Once you begin finding articles that you want to use, refer to the References section at the end of each article for additional resources you might also want to find. You can see if we have access to these articles through the Articles search tab on the Library's home page or using the Journal Finder tool link below.