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HIST 2000: Historical Methods (Lieberman): Secondary Sources

Short cuts for Prof. Leiberman's HIST 2000 course, Spring 2013. With a focus on resources to support research on loyalists during the American Revolution.

Library Books to Support Your Research

Find Books

Gallucci-Cirio Library Search

Terms to Search

Searching catalogs and databases sometimes requires that you get creative with the terms that you are using.  Here are some terms related to this subject that you might try: 

American loyalists.

United Empire loyalists.

United States - History - Revolution, 1775-1783

Exiles - United States - History - 18th century

Find Book Reviews and Scholarly Articles

Scholarly journals are an excellent source for historical analysis.  You can gain access via the library Research Databases list to the following databases to research your topic. 

What makes an article "scholarly"?  It is written by an expert in the research area, written for scholars on the subject, often subject to peer-review before publication and ALWAYS includes a well documented bibliography.