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Online Learning and Extended Campus Library Services

Library Orientation & Instruction

Librarians are available to conduct a Library Orientation and/or Instruction Session for your Online Learning or Extended Campus course upon request.

Please contact Linda LeBlanc, Online Learning/Extended Campus Coordinator, or Renée Fratantonio, Instruction Program Coordinator, for more information or to schedule a library instruction session:

Library Instruction sessions may be arranged to be held at any Extended Campus cohort's site location or online for the Distance Learning programs at any time through out the year for your faculty and your students. Librarians are also available to help you create effective library and research assignments to incorporate into your courses.

We recommend that each program have at least one session each year for their faculty as our services and resources are continually evolving. These sessions will provide an overview of library services for faculty teaching Fitchburg State extended campus or distance learning courses, a tour of the library website, and a demonstration of how to access the library's electronic resources to keep up to date with the changes going on in the Gallucci-Cirio Library. Sessions can also be customized to provide faculty workshops upon request. 

The full range of Library Instruction that is available on-campus can also be arranged for your students at your extended campus location or online, and is tailored to meet the research needs of your students and your course. We encourage everyone, especially if you are teaching a research or research intensive course to use this service to keep up to date with the changes going on in the rapidly changing world of searching, research and information. The librarian will work with you to develop the session to make sure it covers the needs of your students. If you are teaching a course at an Extended Campus site, the librarian will conduct the session at your extended campus location. The session counts as actual class time the same way our on-campus library instruction sessions do. If you are teaching an online course through Online Learning, we can modify the library instruction session to meet your needs and make it available for your students online.

The following instruction session formats are available:

  1. A face-to-face cohort student session for new students and/or an individual course at your extended campus site
    • Several faculty may combine their classes for a joint session
    • Several individual or joint classes at a cohort could arrange for separate sessions at different times on the same day
  2. A synchronous live session for your online course through Blackboard
  3. Embed a librarian in your online course through Blackboard, Moodle or other courseware for the semester