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Universal Design for Architecture: Journals and Articles

Resources regarding the principles, theories, and execution of universal design as relates to architecture.

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Search thousands of journals and magazines for articles on universal design. See the box below for some suggestions on terms to search.

Academic Search Complete - Academic multi-disciplinary database; full text articles in all disciplines.

Avery Index to Architecture Periodicals - Comprehensive American indexto the current literature of architecture and design.

Subject Terms for Searching

  • Universal
  • Inclusive
  • Accessible/Accessibility
  • Design
  • Barrier free
  • Visitability

Recommended Journals

Applied Ergonomics
International journal, covering ergonomics applications in the office, industry, consumer products, information technology and military design. Readership includes ergonomists, designers, health and safety specialists, engineers, organizational psychologists, occupational health specialists, and HCI specialists. Find in a Library

Behavior and Information Technology
An electronic journal published by Taylor and Francis, Subjects include Computer Science, Information Technology, Health Science, Human Factors and Ergonomics. Available at Fitchburg State College

The Design Journal
International journal for all aspects of design. Readership includes design professionals, researchers, educators and managers. Find in a Library

Design Management Review (Formerly Design Management Journal)
Devoted to exploring how design – in products, communication, and environments – is an essential resource of every organization that can be effectively managed to make contributions to the bottom line and to long-term success. Find in a Library

Design Studies
The only journal to cover all design domains: management, methods, participation in planning and design, education, AI and computer aids in design, design in engineering, theoretical aspects of design, design in architecture, design and manufacturing, innovation in industry and design in society. Find in a Library

Diversity in Design: The Journal of Inclusive Design Education.
A new electronic journal that examines diversity issues in design education. It encourages a global community of designers and educators to create new knowledge, partnerships, and gateways to inclusive design education. Link to E-Journal

International journal on technology for the ageing society. It reflects the broad categories of interest in the field: health, housing, mobility, communication, leisure, and work. Find in a Library

The International Journal of Art & Design Education
A primary source for articles about art and design education at all levels. Available at Fitchburg State College

Journal of Design Research
An electronic interdisciplinary journal, emphasizing human aspects as a central issue of design through integrative studies of social sciences and design disciplines. Find in a Library

Universal Access in the Information Society
International journal publishing research work on the design, development, evaluation, use, and impact of Information Society Technologies, as well as on standardization, policy, and other non-technological issues that facilitate and promote universal access. Find in a Library