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ENGL 8050 - Advanced Research in English Studies (Chisunka): Locating DLB content in Literature Resource Center

This is a guide for students in Dr. Chisunka's English research class (ENGL8050).


The Dictionary of Literary Biography is available online through Literature Resource Center.  It is not intuitive and is a multi-step process.  Below are the steps needed to locate full-text entries of the DLB.

Steps to access the DLB

Step 1. Go to Literature Resource Center.  If off-campus, you will be prompted to authenticate with the FSU credentials that you use to logon to Blackboard (i.e. Username is first part of your email address.  Password is FS-xxxxxx (last six digits of your OneCard number).


Step 2.  Enter the author's name in the search box and select Person By or About from the drop down menu and click on the magnifying glass.



Step 3.  Select Biographies along the left side of the screen.


Step 4. Scroll down to publication title and select Dictionary of Literary Biography,


Step. 5 Your results will be limited to DLB entries. Click on the hyperlinked article to access the full-text.