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Find resources to help you with your law or legal research.

Full Text?

Full Text is one of the best tools for students and researchers.  It means the database or resources has the entire text of an article or book right there for you to read on your computer or print for later.  It saves time because you do not need to find a copy of the book, magazine or journal again.  You do not need to photocopy any pages either.  If you print it in our library it also saves you money because printing is free!  Be aware that not everything is in full text everywhere.  One database may have the full text, but another does not.  Look for the Get Article link with your results to find the full text in another tool.  It doesn't mean it exists, but that we will quickly try to find it for you.

What is a Journal?

Professors often ask you to use Journal Articles for your research.  What do you think they mean when the say that?
What is a Journal?
A Blog: 0 votes (0%)
Something I write my thoughts in: 0 votes (0%)
Something my professors tell me to use: 1 votes (25%)
A magazine like publication for academics on a specific subject: 3 votes (75%)
Total Votes: 4


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Go Beyond Fitchburg State

Massachusetts has a great legal library system with a branch right here in Fitchburg.  You can get your own free library card and use their resources from their library or even your home.  Don't be afraid to ask them for research help either.  These are legal specialist and know all about the tools you can use for research.

Why Use Book?

Books will always be great tools for research.  Books allow an author to provide an indepth look at an issue, considering it from all points of view and including all the research related to it. It may be one expert gathering all the research into one book or it may be mutiple experts to put their research in one book.  What's cool about books these days is that they are not always in print.  Many can be found via the internet. Here are some great ways to find books for you to use in your research.

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