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Shortcuts for students in Dr. Staab's Mathematical Modeling class (MATH4450).


Doing research for mathematics does not always seem necessary, but there are times when you need it.  There will be needs for background information, biographies, previous examples of theories and formulas.  The library and librarians can help you find this information through resources in print and on-line.  This page is your list of shortcuts to help you with your Mathematical Modeling assignment.  Feel free to come back here and use these sources anytime.  



Citing your sources is one of the most important steps in doing research.  Pick a style you are comfortable with and use that for the entire paper.  The three most common styles are: APA, MLA and Chicago.  Here are some tips on easily getting citations from some of the library's tools.

Other Ways to Get Research

Searching is a major part of researching, but it not the only way to get research.  Here are some other ways to get the research you need.

  1. Talk to professionals: an expert is a great source of relevant and important information.  It can be used as research as long as you properly cite the interview you conduct.
  2. Bibliographies: If you find just one article you can use that bibliography to find more articles.
  3. Professional Organizations: They can help you identify subject experts and current topics of interest. 

One Last Thing

The Journal Locator is an effective way to find items that are not full text in the databases.  Search for the journal title to see if we have the item in full text either in another database or in the library stacks.

Understanding Your Topic

Before you begin doing your research, it is important to know exactly what you are looking for.  Narrowing down your topic will help search engines and article databases bring back the most relevant results.  Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Is there a specific person who has written extensively on this or a related topic?  Is there a person or organization that specializes in this topic?
    • For example, you may look into Christopher McGowan for research on the predator-prey model.
    • For example, are there local architects known for designing parking garages?
    • For example, who designed salary formulas at local universities?
  • Are there models related to this topic?
    • For example, if you are looking into EZ Passes, what industries are using these?
    • For example, what are salary formulas used at various universities and colleges?
  • Are there other phrases or words used for this topic?
    • For example, EZ Passes may also be considered 'Online Transaction Processing'.
    • For example, parking garages may also be called 'parking fascilities'.
    • For example, the predator-prey model is also the Chaotic Dynamics model.

Find Books

In the Gallucci-Cirio Library:


Finding Sources

Some topics require more information.  You need to determine which type of source is best for your topic.  Are you looking for news, industry information, academic journal articles, books or people to interview?  Your need will determine the type of source you should turn to.  Bellow are links to search engines for different types of sources.

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