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Faculty Publications: Mathematics

Barbato, Mary Ann

Buell, Catherine

"Frobenius Pseudoprimes and a Cubic Primality Test." Notes on Number Theory and Discrete Mathematics, Vol. 20, November 2014, No. 4, 11-20.

Dechene, Lucy

Adjacent Extensions of Rings.  Diss. University of California, 1978.  Special Collection Call number QA251.3.D43 1978

"Adjacent Rings: An Intro For Ordinary Mortals."  Harrod Lectures Series 1 (1979).  Lecture presented on April 25, 1979

Centennial March.  1996

Centennial March.

"Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Influence of Histamine, Hormones and Electrolytes."  Medical Hypothesis 40 (1993): 55-60.

Largo for Orchestra.  1991.  Westbury: Pro Art, 1991.

"Patients with Long Term Chronic Fatigue Syndrome."  Coping Reports of Journal of the Long Term Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 1.3/4 (1995): 59-67.

"The Socratic Approach to Word Problems."  PRIMUS 1.4 (Dec. 1991): 343-346.

"Symptom Patterns in Long-duration Chronic Fatigue Syndrome."  Journal of Psychosomatic Research 48 (2000): 59-68.

"The Unsuspected Role of Histamine in Chronic Disease: A Mathematician's Discovery."  Harrod Lecture Series 8 (1986-87): 55-79.  Lecture presented on April 22, 1987

"Up and Down-Fun All Around."  Community Teaching Fellowship Program Newsletter 5.1 (Feb. 1977): 4-9.