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Database Search Strategies

Quotation Marks vs. Phrase vs. AND

"human growth hormone" will only retrieve results in which the words appear exactly as written

 human growth hormone will retrieve results in which human, growth and hormone are located in proximity to one another. Hormone could appear before growth The two words typically appear within 5 words of one another

Human AND Growth AND Hormone will retrieve results in which these terms appear somewhere in the fields searched. They do not necessarily have to be within proximity of one another or as a phrase. Human could  appear in the first sentence of the abstract and Hormonecould appear in the subject fields. 


Using an asterisk (*) at the end of a word will bring back variations of the word. 

Example: Hered* will retrieve results with the words heredity, heredities, hereditary etc.

ILLiad: Get Articles from Another Library

Google Advanced Search

We know most searches for information start on Google. It's important to remember though, that Google's results are ranked by popularity, not necessarily authority. The best source for your information might not be in the first 20, or even the first 100 results. To help narrow your results from the start:

Reference Resources

Our online reference database CREDO and our eBook collections have the full text of a number of excellent resources on aging:

  • Encyclopedia of Aging
  • Gale Encyclopedia of Diets

Databases: Biology & Chemistry

The following databases are your best choices for scientific research.  You really should use ALL of these.

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Citing your sources is one of the most important steps in doing research.  RefWorks will allow you to store and organize your citations as well as easily create your bibliography/references (whether annotated or not) and final paper in the correct style.  

You can use RefWorks to:

  • Organize references
  • Format bibliographies
  • Create a database of your own citations
  • Import references directly from library databases
  • Insert in-text citations, footnotes and bibliographies using the Write-n-Cite tool
  • Share your citations with a group